I Am Accidentally Writing a Blog

by ataylor1in6

I am accidentally writing a blog. By accident. And you are accidentally reading it. Accidentally. Here, I will attempt to catch thoughts. Some may (accidentally) be mine, most will not, as these aren’t my words.

We will start with what, where, why and how.

What is a blog?

A blog is a blog. A blog is a piece of writing. A blog is being read. A blog is not a blog if it is not being read. A blog is not real. The blog I read will differ from the blog. The blog you read is not the blog, you will make sure of that. You cannot read the blog. You can only read your blog. The blog is not mine. It is not my blog. It is your blog. You are blogging. The pixels dance and make the appearance of empty words. A blog is empty underneath the shell. Your blog is your blog. A blog is a blog a blog is a blog is a blog. You read the words but this is not the blog. The blog does not need the words. The blog needs you.

A blog is you.

Where is a blog?

A blog is here. A blog is gone. It was there. A blog was in my head but the blog is not. Greeks would be proud and/or disappointed. What you read is better than what I wrote, and your browser will read what I wrote the way it reads what you write. A blog is here, where you write. The blog is at the end, my blog is the draft. The end has no end and is not the same as a beginning. The two are not the same and rumours of their relationship have been grossly exaggerated. My blog is dead, the blog is alive. It is alive and nowhere.

A blog is here/not here.

Why a blog?

Why not a blog? A blog means I can talk without the need of a voice or anything to say. I only require the stage and the audience who’s existence is not necessary. A blog is fast. A blog is with me and with you and is mine and is yours, and mine is mine (but not mine) and yours is yours (but not yours). The blog is mine, a blog is yours. The blog stops being mine. The blog is yours. A blog is mine and yours. A blog is not ours.

A blog is not ours.

How a blog?

We make it. A blog is made with you, the blog is also by you. My blog is part me part you, it is our blog. It is your blog. But my blog. I, as in I, make the blog. I, as in you, make the blog. I is not I. I is we. We make a blog and we are the blog. We write, I write, with we, your I, in mind.

A blog is we.

A blog is you

A blog is here/not here

A blog is not ours

A blog is we.