the lights are too bright

by ataylor1in6

This is a stage and the lights are too bright. I can see there are seats but cannot tell if people are sat in them; If they are empty, and no one is watching, then there is no performance, just a bare stage. If there are, then I am being watched and my gestures will have meaning; we will assume there are.

We will assume there are for the purpose of my feelings, there is nothing more depressing than having no audience. Maybe someone could wave or shout, or throw something onto the stage. Impossible? Maybe. You’re right, I am suffering a crisis of interruption.

Or am I?

You could open another performance if you wanted, choose another window to gaze through, look at another three walls.

You could leave early if you wanted, before the shows finished, or during the interval. The lights are too bright, I wouldn’t notice.

You could leave me a message on the stage, even step onto it, become a performer with me, be part of the show.

I think you’ll realise though, that you were always on the stage, perhaps not on this one but a stage nonetheless.

Don’t worry, it’s no commitment. The show is always one but always not on. We can change it whenever you like but you’re attendance isn’t necessary. Come to think of it, neither is mine.

Don’t forget to tell your friends you’ve been, tell them where to find the theatre. Perhaps they are sat next to you, but I don’t think they can see you.

The lights are too bright.