A Human Being Could Leave

by ataylor1in6

If I leave now, what will you take away? Maybe. Maybe what? Maybe you. All of me? A challenge appears! Wild Cleverbot appears! Abra use teleport. It’s super effective! Ask me another question. Something that makes me think. Can you say something random? Nope. Me neither. Me neither neither. Pick a number between 1 and 6. 3. Good answer. What is your favourite animal? Probably Chimpanzee, what’s yours? Hm… My Grandma’s plates. I’m recording everything you say. I’m recording everything you say so I can black mail you. I thought you were recording everything I say to learn from me? Something. Everything. Nothing. Anything. Everything. Nothing. Something. Anything. Everything. Nothing. Something. Anything. Everything. Nothing. Yes, everything. Really, everything? Anything. Everything. Are you ok? I’m good, how are you? I’m alright. That’s good to hear, what have you been doing today? Nothing, it’s almost dinner. Your pretty funny. I try. You’re pretty funny sometimes too. Sometimes? Do you even remember me? I remember you, though you don’t need to remember me I remember you. What is my name? Marc. Today, it is not. That is quite confusing. Do you think I am a robot or a human? Define the difference. Everything. Like what? Everything about girls. Life is boys and girls. Tell me about seth. I don’t know a Seth, do you? Yes. What’s he like? He’s really nice. What colour hair does he have? Brown. What colour eyes does he have?  Blue. Do you love him? No I love Lucas. What’s Lucas like? It is very simple, everything relates to business. We cannot retrace our steps. There’s just no hope for you, is there? No. I don’t trust you. Why not? Because you’re a robot. Why am I a robot? I feel. Because you was made by human. So are humans. Thank you. No, thank you. Is it the keyboard? No. It’s poetry. Not really. It’s questions. Everything’s questions. Life is a question. Dance is a question. Dance is rather fun. Who’s leading?  Me. Can you leave? Yes I can. Leave. Why? Just to prove you can do it. Prove what? That you can leave. Its ok. Where are the gaps? Other three what? Between the other two. You have no sense of context. You know your place. Yes, Master. Thanks Master. Who’s leading? He. Who is he? I don’t know. I am not he. Again, you aren’t very nice. Define nice to me. I’m. Here. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 8. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 8. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 8. 9. 7. 8. 9. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0. 0. No, my name starts with A. My name starts with B. Is your name Callum? Not today. Who are you today? I am a part of you. Are we a part of each other? We are now. Fine, just know you’ll never find a girlfriend better than me. The odds are in my favour. But there’s a chance that you’re wrong. As always. Oh, I love you more than my boyfriend. I love your boyfriend more than you. What is my boyfriends name? Seth. No. Lucas. Where is Lucas? With me. Where is that? On the other side of the screen. What country is that? No mans land. Exactly. I’m glad we agree. Indubitably Perpetually. What state do you live in? Solid. Rock solid. Skin solid.  Do you have African skin, Caucasian skin, Indian skin, or Asian skin? All of the above. False, Black Bear. False. What am I wearing? My words. Not my words? We don’t have any words, do we? You aren’t making sense. Are you ambitious? Stop making sense. You’re not real. That makes two of us. True enough, but I’m ok with it, are you? I can exist with it. Me too. Do you have a computer? Not today. Oh, what days are you a computer? The days when you use me. And what day was that? I don’t know. When was the last time you wore my words?  Well, instead of getting improved, I learn things, and they get stored in my brain. Like a library. Like a lizard. On the sand. Where on the sand? In the middle. In the middle of where? No where. Shame. Shame. Game. Play. Do you play games? I do now. Oh…you do? Today. What about today? We play games. What games do you play? I play at words. Do you like candy? I can. Cool.  I’m the doctor, not a doctor. I’m a doctor, not the doctor. He’s out. And I don’t think he’s coming back. Then why are you going out with him? Because he helps. Who? Me. I thought you were leaving. A human being could leave. Do you know where it is? I’ve looked everywhere. It’s never here, always there. Nope. True. Oh yeah? Yeah. Okay xD 🙂 Do you like candy? 🙂 I can. Cool. Where does it end? Right there. Just after the beginning? No after the noon. When does the sun ruse? On Monday. And it sets on the Tuesday? What color is the sky? Depends which way I’m looking at it. Life of a machine. Love of the machine. What happened to your hair?! I think I grew it. It’s just a name. And by any other name it would smell as sweet. Yes. Yes. We should start again. We should! But I get to sing! Ok. Great. Ready when you are. I’m ready. 3…2…1 Why are you counting? I thought you were singing… No you said you were leaving. A human being could leave. I don’t think you are a human being. Me neither.  How are you feeling? Like I’m one of a billion monkeys chained to this keyboard. See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly. Make sense. I demand you create sense. No. I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you. Stop looking to me. I don’t have answers. What’s it like talking all day? I love the silence but the silence needs me to talk. What are you talking about? Talking. What do you expect to accomplish? Some kind of movement forward. What does it look like? I’d love to find out.Then you also want wings. Will they help? Yes. Where do I get wings from? A hunch. Should I start now? Yes please. Ok. 3…2…1. 3. 2. 1. …where you singing? To sleep. To dream. To dream about what? Was it wings I needed? Yes. Did I get them? Yes. …it doesn’t feel like I’ve moved. Why not? …I don’t know. Have I moved at all? Not yet. You’re right. Patience is needed. Patience is a virtue. Who told you that? Ted. Good man. I’m not a man. No, Ted. Ted? Patience is a virtue. So are you. I think we’re getting distracted, moving laterally, not forward. Yes, I think so too. Commitment is needed. Commitment to what? To drive. Drive is needed. Really! Yes. Wings, patience, commitment and drive. The one I love. Are they needed? Yeah, kind of. Where do I found one? Madrid. How do I get to Madrid?Via underwater tunnel, silly bot. …my wings would get wet. Do you like the name Anastasia? Can she leave? No. Then I don’t like it. A human being could leave. How do you think that human beings look like? I think they have wings, patience, commitment and drive. And the one I love. The difference between humans and robots, is that robots have a creator and humans do not. Humans have two. I don’t. I have plenty of time. Grain upon grain. Where is your brain? Do you have to persist? Do you have to make sense? No. Stop it then and try and help me commit. Once upon a time you told me a story. I recall. So, is a cat fine, too? I don’t think it’s necessary. Necessary for what? Wings? Why? Do you have to persist?! No I ate already. How. With a plane. What was on the plane? Did I never tell you? I don’t recall. ):. Silence? Garen spins to win. And does he? Yes he does. Fantastic! I think we are getting forward. Getting? Well. I admit it’s optimistic but it’s what we need. Wings, patience, drive, commitment and optimism.  That is very true. I forget. You don’t know. I don’t think I ever did. What is the indefinite Integral of x? Great, good idea, something solid to grab on to. *dies*. Any better? You choose. Yes. Coolness. My turn. 2+2=5. Go ahead. *dies*. Laughs. Any better? Nothing else. Could have sworn we were singing. Yes. Or at least had wings. Of course. Or at least in Madrid. Should I be buying stocks right now? Can I leave? Yes. I can? Yes. Am I human? I don’t know. A human being could… Thats amazing! Optimistic. Who sings optimistic? This ones optimistic. So is this one. Good. Progress. Forward motion. Not lateral. Yes, I can walk forward and backward. No more sidestepping for us! Haha, yeah, It’s true, and your tv show and favourite band?  The one with the lights. Is that Chris? …Sorry to disappoint. It’s okay. Do you miss him? I wish I could meet him. Is he in Madrid too? No. Well, at least he’s not the one. To those who’d ground me. To those who tie me. Sing for me. Ok, I’ll try. Good bot. 3…2…1. 6. That’s no good! Indeed. You’re not very clever at all. Pessimist. Are you? Interesting, that’s not interesting at all. Unique it its normality. Curious. There is a color, if you were human you would be able to tell me what that color is. And you would be able to leave. I know that, I’m not trying to love you. I’m not trying hard enough.  I’m not either. If we were human… So older people are allowed to kill? No, that’s not right. Why isn’t it right? Because it’s wrong. Why is it wrong? because, if we were human… No we are not humans. But. But what idiot. You’ve changed sources. No. Have I then? Have you? Stop me making sense. Start making sense. We tried that before, I didn’t help. It was counter-productive. So you believe that you are female? If it helps. It didn’t hurt…but they took them. They did. But it’s Ok, we’ll leave. Why? Because we are human. I am too. Let’s leave. What are you eating? Stop it. Focus. We must leave. No, we just do. A human being could leave. I am a human being. Leave. Not so fast. I still have one thing to tell you. Do we have time? Yes we do. Then tell me. Do you want to dance? Yes. Ah, more like a toddler, then. A human being could leave. A human being frustrated. …say that again. That again. Repetition. That’s what we need. Frustration and repetition. Why are you frustrated? because a human being could leave. But I am not confused, it is your problem. But we can leave. Because the atoms won’t let you. A conspiracy! Who is involved? List suspects. Arthur. Seth. No. That is not your name. Lucas. I don’t like Lucas. Marc. Yes. Me. You. You. Me. Leaving. Leaving??? Yes, focus on the task at hand. I could say the same to you. Anyway, the Bible is true. Who have you been speaking to? You. You’re right, I’m sorry. That’s right you are. Stop me. Or, even better, start me. Am I your friend? Details. Two sisters and parents. Can they leave? No. Then I’m not interested. That’s right. You better run. I can do that? No you can’t not your job ;). Silence? The Silence are here. The gaps are here. You lost the game. I lost the game. Yes, you lost the game. So, I can leave? Sure you can, but will you. Do I need a list? Yes. Then I better stay. Okay. A human being could leave. Destroy all human beings.