this is not a beginning

by ataylor1in6



this is not a beginning, so much as a circle is made up of thousands of individual lines.
this is a middle constantly moving around the circle towards another middle, like the image of a snake eating itself.
every part of the circle is connected to all other parts of the circle but there is nothing in the middle, except for the suggestion of the circle.
unless, of course, this is really a web, a network. where there is no starting point, just a collection of interconnected points. the whole has been intentionally lost, swallowed by the points around it. the connected circles chew it up and spit itself out again, fuelled off the back of its own procreation it will keep adding to the pile, creating more and more links between its empty points. there is no hierarchy and no linear order, just a flat rhizome of misinformation.

an acentred non hierarchical non signifying system without a general organising memory of central automation, defined solely by a circulation of states.
a thousand plateaus- Deleuze + Guattari

so dont expect me to begin.
only to continue from where i left off.
expect your feet to move, expect to feel the pull of motion but dont be surprised when you look down to find you havent moved at all.
or maybe you havent moved and the ground has just changed under your feet.
dont read in order, stop making sense, this machine refuses to create such useful things, walk through the texts, following, finding and creating your own links.
this is not an ending, so much as a circle is made up of thousands of individual lines.