google my references

by ataylor1in6




there is nothing i can say that hasn’t been said before and everything i own i stole.

i have nothing interesting to say and nothing to say it with.

google my quotes to find your own references, link them together on your own terms, do you really need me to tell where i got it from when it will take you 5 minutes to google it yourself? you do it every day, why is it different now?

are you scared to go on your own journey?

or are you just lazy?

there are no solid points underneath this, so start looking.

i am working but i haven’t convinced myself yet, we are always guilty, feeling like there is something else we should be doing, somewhere we should be going. there is always the potential for more work to be done so any leisure time feels shamefull, so we cheat ourselves to a few minutes which roll into hours and into days but we look over our shoulder at the work under the screen.

clock in when your eyes open and clock out when they close.

which we know we should be doing, where we know we should be going.

just one more google

one more youtube video

one more scroll down a time line

just one more hour

just one more day

just one more

just one