Deleuze and Leveling Up

by ataylor1in6

Deleuze and levelling up


Recently I have been reading a thousand plateaus by the rather infamous Deleuze and Guattari and, for a while longer, Imaginal Machines by the rather unknown Stevphen Shukaitis.

Both these texts have a few things in common, firstly, they’re both concerned with contemporary philosophy (even though plateaus is rather old it’s theories on rhizomes are hard to ignore in the networked age) and secondly, they are both incredibly dense and intricate. This is undoubtedly connected to the first point but still, reading them is like wading through impossibly tall grass with nothing but safety scissors to cut through it. It would be better if we had a machete.

But this is part of the problem, whenever we read something like this we can’t help but feel that we have the wrong tools, that we lack the appropriate thought-key to unlock the text. We feel that we need more experience, we aren’t a high enough level to access the material inside.

you do not have a high enough PHILOSOPHY skill to access this text

 Maybe we should start with some lower-level texts and gain experience points and unlock the relevant skills needed and that way we can equip the machete and leave the safety scissors in our inventory (I).

Perhaps we could also find and speak to some higher level players who could train us, greatly increasing the rate that we gain experience by giving us a knowledge buff and experience multiplier. Or, perhaps, we could tackle the text with other players around the same level, each bringing their unique strengths and weaknesses. If we raided the text together, using our combined experience, it would be easier to accomplish.

We could fight through the lower levels until we reached the boss level; Deleuze, sat on his throne, damsel in distress trope in hand, maniacally laughing at our feeble attempts to understand him.

Not this time.