of words and conservative clubs

by ataylor1in6

ive never been very confident in my words,

theres always more to say and i lack the intelligence to say it.

i always wince and groan at the normality and banality of what i write.

dissatisfaction is the name of the game.

some peoples words step forward, striding through your brain

mine cower in my skull, being stubborn and one dimensional, limping dead on a page.

a lot of what im reading has words that pass through my tissue, leaving nothing, no meaning, no movement. im sure the fault lies with me.

my favourite writers have words that run, trip, fall, stop, slip, jump, forget and plant fire seeds in your head.


coffee makes me dizzy

like im drunk

i dont drink much of it

coffee is supposed to be a + 1 power up

it just distracts me

and makes me sleepy


im aware im not saying the right things


let me try again


do The Clash know that ‘I Fought the Law’ still gets played by cover bands in conservative clubs.