a statement

by ataylor1in6

Andrew Taylor’s work explores the collaborations and tensions between text and new media. Beneath the thin surface of all our digital media exists streams of code which govern our modern lives. We live in an age run by text and, for the first time, text has the potential to have a concrete effect on all media. By puncturing this skin and intentionally ‘breaking’ media, A. Taylor’s work raises questions surrounding the politics of information, ownership and labour. Following the work of other glitch and new media artists A. Taylor’s work strives to illustrate the control we could have over our media as well as protesting our lack of it.

Aside from the audio and visual work displayed A. Taylor has produced a series of zines that further examine textual tensions by interrogating the nature of print in digital culture. These zines are free and explore the network by creating an alternative gift economy that dodges contemporary capitalism.

The digital production of these zines has been recorded, creating a media loop, similar to the glitching techniques used throughout the practice. By glitching media with the text used within the media A. Taylor creates a network of ever-shifting points without a centre; no piece represents the whole and the work can never be viewed in its entirety.

A. Taylor’s work blurs the lines between literary, media and performance studies. It simultaneously documents and participates in the emerging discussion of new media and glitch art, providing insights into our cultures interactions with the network and our control over the information, and text, surrounding us.