On Closing the 8

by ataylor1in6

It’s been a while, and I apologise.

Having closed the 8 of our first project we find ourselves at a bit of a loss.

It is/was satisfying to ‘complete’ the work but we always felt that it could never be ‘completed’ and one of its main points was ensuring that it never stayed on a single point and it was/is free to continue expanding.

Contracting. Exapanding.

Building burrows and lines, spreading, infecting, reclaiming.

But our favourite books can be like this, but they are closed

Until we open them and move around inside them, between the gaps in the pixels.

But our favourite websites are like this

Perhaps it’s something we leave out there and ‘patch’ when required. Adding to it, adding free DLC, new characters and maps.

Doesn’t seem right.

Or can we trust that we created an infinite space within finite bounds?

Is it finished?

I suppose in the sense that we can close the 8.


So what next?

What comes after?

An advancement, a continuation.

More exhibitions, performances, content and material.

More zines, different zines, more video, different video, more media, different media, more text, different text.


It’s in what way it’s different that we don’t know yet, come back to us.

More writing, more academic

More talks

More lectures

More workshops

More people

This does involve the production of more time and the creation of some kind of machine with which to make it.

So, this will be the closing so we can start again, drawing the next letter, from the middle.

A blog is we.

A blog is you

A blog is not ours

A blog is we.